The New Arrival

Psychological Horror [In development] A woman, who suffers pedophobia struggles to maintain her sanity after her husband departs for the sea, leaving her alone in an apartment, which borders with an orphanage.

Plato's Cave

Dystopian Satire [In development] ‘Plato’s Cave’ follows the story of Callista - an outlaw, who is admitted into a Women’s Correctional Clinic, where she endures a battle of will to remain herself. 🏆 Recipient of Talent Development Grant - New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC)


Fantasy/Adventure [Spec] Set against the mid-19th century New Zealand, the story follows a young orphan - Elliot, who finds his new home amongst a mysterious tribe of Māori people. 🏆 Nominated for the Nate Wilson Joie de Vivre Award - University of California School of Theatre, Film and Television (UCLA)

Last Tree Standing Laurels

Dystopian Fantasy [Produced/2017] In a bleak world devoid of trees, Last Tree Standing tells the tale of a young girl named Lexie, who befriends a peculiar being - half- man, half-tree. 🏆 Best Screenplay - Olympus Film Festival, Los Angeles (USA) 🏆 Best Short Screenplay - European Cinematography Awards - ECA, (Netherlands) 🏆 Best Screenplay - 2018 Annual Iowa Association Motion Picture Awards - IMPA, (USA)


Psychological Horror [Produced/2014] A tale of a Milkmaid who becomes a medium for the forces of nature, forging a connection with the forest, she seeks out revenge for a crime committed against it.


Experimental [Produced/2010] The exploration of a young woman's subconscious. Her fear leads her into the dark realm of fantasy. She's taken on a journey to her emotional freedom.