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Agnes is a filmmaker, who has written, directed, edited and produced short films that have played at A-list festivals, winning numerous awards.  


Her films are characterised by a strong sense of visual style and they have been described by critics as: ‘immersive and full of visual spectacle’; ‘stylish and imaginative’ and Agnes as a filmmaker, who is 'capable of grappling with genre mutations and high standard storytelling’. 

Despite moving across various genres, there is a common denominator between all of her films and screenplays: they all have an underdog at their heart and depict a kind of violent cinematic poetry. This makes sense given Agnes's ancestral memory, her love of the visual arts and the fact that poetry was an integral part of her upbringing.


Her short MILKMAID was awarded by DAVID LYNCH (the Honorary OSCAR® recipient behind such titles as TWIN PEAKS; MULHOLLAND DRIVE; WILD AT HEART AND ELEPHANT MAN) garnering Agnes a full scholarship to attend his Master of Fine Arts in Film in the USA, where she was mentored by the world renowned film director.


Her last film LAST TREE STANDING premiered at SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival playing in Official Competition and it won over thirty awards on the festival circuit worldwide and from professional Guilds and Associations (including multiple wins for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay). In 2020, the film was in consideration for the OSCARS® Short Film Awards.


In 2019, Agnes was selected by the Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand (DEGNZ) to participate in a year long Women Filmmakers Incubator - a one year program honouring female directors, who 'show real promise in moving rapidly towards their first major projects'. 


Agnes has written multiple feature length screenplays, many of which have been finalists in International Story Labs. 

She was also repeatedly invited by the Australian Screen Editors Guild (ASE) to be a member of the jury for their annual ELLIE Awards for best editing, where she sat among some of the most respected editors in the film industry.

Last year, she was granted the EB-1A visa for the USA - a green card for foreign nationals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in the arts based on sustained national and international acclaim and she has recently moved to Los Angeles.


She is currently developing a mind-bending psychological horror STORM, which will be her feature film debut and a short western with a modern twist and a slightly off-kilter approach THE ONE WHO CARRIES THE WIND OF CHANGE, which is to be a part of a feature film anthology for Netflix. 


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